BRM (Beyond Race Magazine) is the realest voice of groundbreaking music and entertainment aimed at the culturally sound, socially conscious, progressive-minded individual.

BRM focuses on the many people and collectives who have dedicated their lives to fighting the good fight through their actions and artistic expressions. As we refuse to pigeonhole ourselves by limiting our scope to a specific genre, BRM is the voice of what’s going on for those of us “in the know,” and those of us who strive to know more. Our focus includes (but is not limited to) music, film, entertainment, social issues, photography, politics, graffiti, comedy, literature, fashion and art in all its forms.

BRM is determined to shed light on the amazing aspects of culture that are all too often overlooked by mainstream media, so that they not be forgotten. We are more than a blog, website or digital magazine. We are a movement to change the way people think, by reminding them of all the exceptional people that exist who are living their dreams and adding to the greater good of our society.

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