Putting The Bay Area On The Map: Interview with IamSu!


While the Bay Area hasn’t featured prominently on the mainstream map over the last few years, a new generation of musicians is threatening to turn the tides. IamSu!, a Richmond, CA native is one of the young rappers leading the charge. I talked to Su about The Bay, inspirations, collaborations and the future during his recent trip to New York during he and Problem’s ‘Million... Read More

The End of Love


The End of Love, a small film that lingered on the shelf following a lukewarm reception at last year’s Sundance, stars Mark Webber (who also writes and directs) as a struggling actor and single father. Webber, who you’re most likely to recognize as the neurotic lead singer of Sex Bob-Omb in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, plays a fictionalized version of himself here,... Read More

ScHoolboy Q performs sold out show at S.O.B’s

SchoolBoy Q at SOBs shot by Gyasi Kirtley

ScHoolboy Q @ SOB’s ScHoolboy Q is a trooper. The Top Dawg Entertainment-signed rapper played two sold out shows last night at New York’s SOB’s, defying the “You’ve seen one, you’ve seen em’ all” rule of thumb. Calling the first show packed would be a bit of an understatement. Calling the second show anything less would be down right absurd. The crowd was dense,... Read More

SXSW Music Festival 2013 in Austin, Texas

Major Lazer Confetti @ Viceland SXSW shot by Gyasi Kirtley.jpg

Trying to plan your SXSW week is like trying to plan out puberty; your palms get sweaty and a wave of uncertainty washes over your entire body. Whatever magical fantasies you conjured up in your skull now become devilishly intertwined with the reality of long nights, an insane amount of substance abuse, and free mementos to show off to the folks back home. This year SXSW featured... Read More

Reggie Watts at Under The Radar Festival 2013

Reggie-Watts-Michael D Arthur

Like many Americans, if you lay virgin to a Reggie Watts performance there is no surefire way to mentally prepare for the soul stimulating experience. In case you want some background basics however, let us give you some minor tips: 1)     Wear comfortable shoes. 2)     Make sure you slab on a few extra layers of deodorant prior to. 3)     Hold your drink in the hand... Read More

Funk Volume Presents : Hopsin at the Highline Ballrom


Under the black of the venue, faces became unrecognizable. With the space dripping with teenage angst and sweat, one wrong move could have landed you in the center of a brewing mosh-pit. Hopsin made his way to New York on the Funk Volume 2012 Tour last week at the Highline Ballroom in the Lower Eastside. Consist in his stage presence and performance Hopsin played “Nocturnal Rainbows”,... Read More

Hennessy Brunch with Futura

Futura & Agnes Greenidge (Hennessy)

        Check out some images from graffiti artist Futura’s recent Hennessy brunch:   photos by TechieNYC  Read More

B.E.T Music Matters and TDE presents Kendrick Lamar featuring Jay Rock and Ab Soul


The blue hue coming from the bar area was the only source of lighting besides the spotlights on stage. Though the anticipation was heavy most keep their cool, conversing with fellow onlookers asking questions like “When will they start” or “Who’s first” and making statements starting with “I hope he plays”. TDE stepped down hard in New York City’s Terminal 5 last... Read More

Rock The Bells 2012: San Bernardino

Nas on the Rock The Bells Stage. Shot by Colin Main

In the few short seconds before officials opened the black gates, San Bernardino’s Nos Events Center transformed from a field of scorching asphalt to the epicenter of hip-hop on the west coast. Drawing more than 37,000 fans this weekend, the Annual Rock The Bells festival served as a platform for more than 60 artists, all representing the past and future of hip hop music. On what... Read More

Rock The Bells 2012


A musical heatwave is about to hit San Bernardino unlike any other. This weekend more than 40 legendary and emerging artist will touch down on the stage, setting off the first day of the annual Rock The Bells Festival concert series. Featuring artist like Nas, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar w/ Black Hippy, Method Man and Redman, Common and many more, Rock The Bells 2012 is sure to be... Read More


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