Hennessy Brunch with Futura

Futura & Agnes Greenidge (Hennessy)

        Check out some images from graffiti artist Futura’s recent Hennessy brunch:   photos by TechieNYC  Read More

Bushwick Opened Studios


For a teasingly short amount of time, a mere three days, the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, New York City, tore open its low cut v-neck and exposed its vivid nature, the thriving nest of activity that is actually happening behind the deteriorated handleless door flush with the unassuming warehouse space, that in fact holds the most amazing spaces with unbelievable windows. From the... Read More

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry @ BAM


If the words Crossing Brooklyn Ferry were thrown into a friendly conversation, many would think of the timeless Whitman poem that illuminated a common human condition through the guise of a ferry trip. But Aaron and Bryce Dessner’s recent collaboration with the Brooklyn Academy of Music in a three-night independent music festival has birthed a fresh new meaning for that three-word... Read More

Pistoletto Continues His Guilt Tripping With Ease, at Luhring Augustine


I look back at myself and further inward; the Luhring Augustine space holds numerous frames that demand a bashful reflection. Pistoletto’s walls are occupied with mirrors, stainless steel, all approximately four by four feet, overlaid with images of construction sites: workers pulling across fences, bulldozers in process, piles of debris with an ironic beach bucket perched merrily... Read More

The Average Spiderman! Turn Off The Dark at Foxwoods Theatre, 42nd Street.


Having been more than a fan, an emulator, student of Spiderman since a young age, having had the costume, rehearsed the poses, mastered the hand gesture, the powerful responsibility, you can imagine the shiver, the euphoria at the mere thought that I could actually be in the same room as a person wearing an official Spiderman costume, being referred to as Peter Parker, and the separation... Read More

Photos: Hennessy VS Presents The BET Honors Afterparty (MLK Weekend)


Check out some photos from The BET Honors Afterparty at The Park on Fourteenth during MLK Weekend in DC. The party was presented by Hennessy VS, with guests including Common, Jill Scott, D-Nice, Anthony Hamilton and Raekwon. You can see more here. Photos by TechieNYC  Read More

Krapp’s Last Tape @ BAM

John Hurt as Krapp

John Hurt as Krapp One of the gems of BAM’s Next Wave Festival is the Gate Theatre of Dublin’s production of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape. Directed by Michael Colgan, the 55-minute play focuses on the reminiscing of Krapp as he revisits some audio diaries from thirty years earlier. Krapp is magnificently played by John Hurt, a distinguished actor best known for his... Read More

J-Zone Bares All In “Root for the Villain”


Author of Root For The Villain, J-Zone is a producer, rapper, and quite possibly a comedian. There is no shortage of giggles, chuckles, and all out laughter as this rapper/producer-turned-author opens the door to a tour of his life, complete with lessons learned, successes and admitted failures. J-Zone is candid and truly an open book as he tells the story of a “young J”, who... Read More

Brooklyn Babylon at The Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Babylon

As part of the 2011 Next Wave Festival, The Brooklyn Academy of Music commissioned the world premiere of Brooklyn Babylon—a tale of future Brooklyn, the tallest tower in the world, and a man’s journey to reconcile the past and the present. The show, the brainchild of grammy-nominated composer Darcy James Argue and painter/animator Danijel Zezelj, incorporates live,... Read More

Top 10 TV Shows You Should Be On Top Of…


If you love TV, then you know how many bad shows currently plague our airwaves. For the most part, you have to look past the big stations and head to cable channels and premiums. If you do this, please bypass MTV, and you can find some quality programming that may satisfy your urge to think, or just watch first-rate acting and writing. Here are some shows that you should be watching... Read More


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