The End of Love


The End of Love, a small film that lingered on the shelf following a lukewarm reception at last year’s Sundance, stars Mark Webber (who also writes and directs) as a struggling actor and single father. Webber, who you’re most likely to recognize as the neurotic lead singer of Sex Bob-Omb in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, plays a fictionalized version of himself here,... Read More

The Future


Meet Miranda July: writer, actor, performance artist, director…and oh how I love her brain. Well, to be more specific, I love the quirky sense of humor that emerges in stories and films; her willingness to expose personal fears and flaws, thus bringing authenticity to a storyline; and her boundless creativity, which never seems to hinder her ideas and always pushes the audience/reader... Read More

Another Earth


In Another Earth—the debut feature from director Mike Cahill that made waves at this year’s Sundance—a planet identical to our own, apparently populated by other-dimensional copies of us, has emerged in the sky… and it’s getting closer. But that’s not really the point. At its core (pun not intended), Another Earth is about Rhoda (Brit Marling, who also co-wrote the... Read More



This July, I went to the Quad Cinema to catch the NYC premiere of Girlfriend. My initial interest in the indie film was spawned by friends who helped bring it to life—members of the band 100 Monkeys produced, starred in, and scored Girlfriend, which also featured a song (for a mere few seconds) by my/our deceased friend, Spencer Bell. But friends involved in the project... Read More

Project Nim


In 2008, Man on Wire became a surprising documentary hit. Neither heavy-handed nor controversial—at least not in a fat-guy-holding-a-bullhorn-outside-of-a-government-building kind of way—director James Marsh’s re-telling of Philippe Petit’s improbable high-wire walk between the Twin Towers on a foggy 1974 morning succeeded on the deftness of its storytelling and Petit’s... Read More

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