Express Yourself, Diplo, By All Means

Diplo has continued the moombah-ton sound, but to good response. The first song of the album, the title track Express Yourself, featuring Nicky Da B, gives a sum up for the rest of the album: heavy wild beats, twisting bass and manic synths. The combo is foolproof, although at times, in songs like No Problem featuring Flinch and Kay and Move Around featuring Elephant Man and GTA, the combination of bass, grungy drum effects and whistles can push the limit a bit too much, for home listening anyway. The pattern is also very well achieved in number Butters Theme featuring Billy The Gent and Long Jawns. Although the melody sounds slightly familiar, the beat and tempo is fairly in proportion with the bass and effects: a banging tune.

Put these on the heavy speakers, with a strobelight and bubble machine and let’s write a whole new review.


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