Girls Like Bass?

I sat anticipating, without a guess of what was coming. Technicians fiddling with sound equipment looked official and organised, but not stressed. From the beginning it was surreal. Bizarre plinking, futuristic sound effects and warped, brashly coloured screensaver graphics created a kind of portal. Merely suggestions.

The Manhattan bridge archway, at Adams and Water streets contained the event and hype grew from a collective lack of information. From talking to other happen-upon-ers, some had heard of the performance from the internet, or glanced at a poster by chance, myself from the Up and Coming section of the Brooklyn Eagle led me to the reminiscent, converted back streets of Dumbo. The effect this withholding of information achieved was one of nervous excitement suggested with “electro-funk” “sci-fi” “girls” and “bass”. We were not disappointed.

Strange creatures began to appear, nymph-like beings swishing and ushering passers-by into the performance zone. Moments later, humans from a distant future, clad in skin gripping white and adorning gold helmets and sunglasses appeared and the show began. The gold and white pair were accompanied by a Logan’s Run-esque silver lady on drum like synths, and a fish/lizard man on a stunted short hand guitar. The music was pounding, what you’d expect from the genre title “sci-fi electro funk” with more attention paid to the electro part.
It became less of a performance in an art sense and more of a regular show, but the effect achieved was quite remarkable. The professional appearance of the costumes, the set, the lights; the location of the event, in the faux archway in the centre of the huge real archway; the train rumbling over methodically throwing you halfway back into reality, and the overall feeling of spontaneity over the course of the event made it thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating. As an audience of volunteers, we had been transported to a future dimension where vibes were good and entertainment was free.

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