SXSW 2013 Music Festival March 12th-17th at the Austin Convention Center

Normal people get excited for things like Groundhog day, income tax refunds and Beyonce HBO specials (No diss to B or groundhogs). Us ? We’re more excited about the 2013 SXSW Music Festival at the Austin Convention Center this March 12-17th, featuring the likes of Vampire Weekend, Joey Bada$$ and AbSoul. And who’s on our Top 20: [...]


Oliver’s Debut EP, Mechanical

The masterminds down at Fools Gold Records know what they’re doing. They’ve have managed to successful invade our brains, rewiring them into a funky, electro-pop microsoft game with the help of  Producer/ DJ duo, Oliver. With only 4 tracks Oliver’s debut EP, Mechanical  practically oozes spandex and strobe lights. If Chip’s Challenge  89′ had a soundtrack, this would be it. [...]

The echo friendly

The Echo Friendly at Mercury Lounge, February 14th

Statistically, Valentine’s Day is the most boring day of the year, and when I say statistically, I mean for us. If you’re like us then you’ll probably be at home frequenting that “borrowed” Netflix’s account or flipping through the channels for “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown”. Luckily, The Echo Friendly is here to take away the agony of playing Connect Four with your cat. Performing February 14th [...]

phony ppl photo

Phony Ppl at Blue Note Jazz Club

The Brooklyn based band is back! (Try saying that three times fast) As a part of The Late Night Groove Series, Phony Ppl will be gracing the stage of the historic Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City’s Greenwich Village this Friday for what they call “a rare set”. This is no ordinary performance. [...]

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, 2012-2013 Season

Alvin Ailey Returns to New York City Center

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returned to the New York City Center on November 28 and will be performing until December 30. What is perhaps most striking about the company’s current productions are the use of drum and bass and resounding electronic beats in Grace (1999), which develops into nothing short of an electronic [...]

Wavy Spice posing in a bodega located in The Bronx, NY

Sugar, Spice and Everything Wavy: An Interview with Wavy Spice (Written)

The greatest artists are often the most humble despite their “larger than life” persona, and Wavy Spice is no different. Eloquent and approachable, Spice is a woman who harbors great taste in fashion, an extensive knowledge in music and a strong personality. The walk to her apartment was a colorful one, as she spoke freely while admiring the shops along [...]

Bodega Bamz

The King and I : An Interview with Bodega BAMZ

The grey ping- pong table at Reed Space in the Lower East Side served as round table for a budding King. Bodega Bamz and fellow members of The TanBoys gathered together last night for the release of his newest mixtape, Strictly for my P.A.P.I.Z.  Bamz, with the mannerisms of a Czar, spoke in a passionate lower [...]


Funk Volume Presents : Hopsin at the Highline Ballrom

Under the black of the venue, faces became unrecognizable. With the space dripping with teenage angst and sweat, one wrong move could have landed you in the center of a brewing mosh-pit. Hopsin made his way to New York on the Funk Volume 2012 Tour last week at the Highline Ballroom in the Lower Eastside. [...]

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