B.E.T Music Matters and TDE presents Kendrick Lamar featuring Jay Rock and Ab Soul

The blue hue coming from the bar area was the only source of lighting besides the spotlights on stage. Though the anticipation was heavy most keep their cool, conversing with fellow onlookers asking questions like “When will they start” or “Who’s first” and making statements starting with “I hope he plays”. TDE stepped down hard [...]

rock the bells day 1 264-casey veggies

5 minutes into the mind of Casey Veggies.

BRM caught up with Roc Nation artist Casey Veggies a few weeks back at Rock the Bells. Here’s what he had to say: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years as far as your goals, OF and your clothing line  ? In 3 to five years I want to continue [...]

Nas on the Rock The Bells Stage. Shot by Colin Main

Rock The Bells 2012: San Bernardino

In the few short seconds before officials opened the black gates, San Bernardino’s Nos Events Center transformed from a field of scorching asphalt to the epicenter of hip-hop on the west coast. Drawing more than 37,000 fans this weekend, the Annual Rock The Bells festival served as a platform for more than 60 artists, all [...]


Rock The Bells 2012

A musical heatwave is about to hit San Bernardino unlike any other. This weekend more than 40 legendary and emerging artist will touch down on the stage, setting off the first day of the annual Rock The Bells Festival concert series. Featuring artist like Nas, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar w/ Black Hippy, Method Man and Redman, [...]

ATP USA 2012


The most magical music festival to have graced our senses moves from Asbury Park, NJ to the shore of New York City’s Lower East Side. ATP released the following press statement with regards to the sudden move: “Pier 36 was the intended home for I’ll Be Your Mirror beginning in 2013 – but due to [...]


The Quebecers Stand and Throw Projectiles

700 Quebecers have been detained over the rise in student fees recently. This marks the largest single night of mass arrests since the demonstrations began. In Montreal, 518 people were arrested and in Quebec city, 176. The police were mobilised by a shadowy law that demands demonstrations must be announced to the police at least [...]


SpaceX Leads the Way for Han Solos Everywhere

On Thursday, the 24th of May, SpaceX, the leader in independent exploration of the universe, had there first official test: to send one of their private crafts to refuel the international space station 240 miles above Earth. Against all odds, the mission is going incredibly well. It is also a large step closer to Barack [...]


Robots Aren’t All Bad

It would be hard to imagine sensitivity on this issue. Whenever technology gets involved in a certain practice, the hand skilled labourers always get sensitive. It happened with factory workers, artists, know-it-alls and horse carriage drivers, but technology is now saving lives, which can’t be bad. In 2009, New York Methodist Hospital performed their first [...]

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