Sugar, Spice and Everything Wavy: An Interview with Wavy Spice (Written)

The greatest artists are often the most humble despite their “larger than life” persona, and Wavy Spice is no different. Eloquent and approachable, Spice is a woman who harbors great taste in fashion, an extensive knowledge in music and a strong personality.

The walk to her apartment was a colorful one, as she spoke freely while admiring the shops along the way. Greeted by Spice’s father, a loving man, eager to show off his “Destiny” we were ushered through the wood floored cozy two bedroom, gathering at a wardrobe facing the entrance of a room who’s walls were plastered with pink plastic containers. Each pink container systematically lined in a row, housed pink plastic doll accessories that which would envy any Barbie fanatic. In that moment we realized we had not entered the room of a 6-year-old girl but a different world in which Wavy Spice reign queen.


Wavy Spice in a bodega across the street from her apartment, Bronx NY ___________________________________________________________________________


GK:Do you produce your own music or just write ?

WP: “I write and I co-produce, kinda. I write everything I do. I’ve always written everything I’ve done. I’m very hands on and OCD about what I produce, so everything I do in terms of video or music – if it’s like a sample…for instance YAYA, Paul Devro did the beat but it was my idea to sample the men talking in Taino dialect, and using Taino dialect as the chorus, things like that. I defiantly have a hand in helping produce. I’m not a producer. I wish I was. I think producers are amazing. They have a craft that not many people can do quiet honestly, but I write all my music.”

The Playground, Bronx NY

GK: What other jobs have you had besides being an artist?

WP: ”I’ve been an activist for the ACLU (The American Civil Liberties Union) . I used to be a peer sex educator. I used to go to schools and talk about safe sex and do a lot of work in terms of  the neighborhoods and things like that. I’ve worked in restaurants, but that never worked out cuz’ both restaurants I worked in I got fired like three weeks later and I mean I was not stealing food or nothing like that I just – I have ADD, like my mind is like somewhere else all the time.

Hide and Seek, Bronx NY

I really try to work hard girl, but I don’t know man. Disconnect. That’s why Im an artist I suppose. It’s better for me (laughs) . I used to work for a law firm when I was 14, I’ve worked in retail, hated it, worked at a restaurant, hated it.  I love working though- I do love working. I been working since I was 14 years old. I love feeling productive. I’ve always been independent and had my own money , but – jobs (cringes)….I havent really had any cool jobs. The coolest job I had was working as an activist for the ACLU. The coolest thing I ever did.”


Wavy Spice on her wall of "collectables", Bronx NY __________________________________________________________________________


GK: What is the first rap song you ever heard ?

WP: ”Probably something by Biggie. That’s the main thing I remember growing up, hearing a lot of Biggie on the radio. We had the album in my house.”


Ready for War, Bronx NY ________________________________________________________________________


GK:What was the last dream you had? 

WP: ”I’ve been having a lot of nightmares lately. There really weird, I don’t wanna talk about it ! I had a nightmare the other day and woke up like ‘Oh my gawd-oh my gawd’ (Spice dramatically wipes fake beads of sweat from her forehead pretending to be faint.) No. The last dream I had I think I had sex with one of my female best friends but that’s a little too much for this interview right now so I’m not even gon’ go into that.”


The Magic Dragon, Bronx NY ____________________________________________________________________


GK: Lets talk about fashion..

WP: “Ooo, yes.”

GK: How do you feel about current fashion trends?

WP: “Current fashion trends……I feel like it’s a complete reflection on what I’ve been doing for the last couple years! No, I sound like a bitch. (laughs)  Before anything , before music, before writing I was a fashion head, since I was a little kid doing sketches in my barbie journal . I always had a huge pension for costume design and styling and labels- so when I was little I used to read a lot of  Vogue and Harper’s  and really get into the fashion houses and that’s why I think I’m so well versed in fashion houses and like high fashion because it was something I was just really really really fascinated by.  I think that anything that’s in the mode at the moment is really fierce. Style just speaks for an entire plethora of society. Even though I may not agree with some things……I’m really not a ‘fad-y’ person. I don’t go with the fads. Well I feel like maybe everyone does in a scale because we reflective  of our time but as far as trends…..I set the trends. I’m a trend setter. “



The last moderately  hot day of the year drew to a close and we said our goodbyes to the young MC, but one day with Spice could not begin to uncover the layers of culture so beautifully entangled within her soul. From the pieces we did place together Spice’s aspirations and dedication makes her a revolutionary in her own right, and her style backs up her “trend setter” self-proclamation, but who is Wavy Spice ? Here she talks about her life, being the first lady of the group Tanboys and her future work and we get a better look at who she really is.

Interview By: Gyasi Kirtley 

Photos by : Wale Smith 

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