Reggie Watts at Under The Radar Festival 2013

Like many Americans, if you lay virgin to a Reggie Watts performance there is no surefire way to mentally prepare for the soul stimulating experience. In case you want some background basics however, let us give you some minor tips: 1)     Wear comfortable shoes. 2)     Make sure you slab on a few extra layers of deodorant prior to. 3)     Hold your drink in the hand you write with. (It’s more secure and less prone to accidental spills... Read More

Girls Like Bass?

I sat anticipating, without a guess of what was coming. Technicians fiddling with sound equipment looked official and organised, but not stressed. From the beginning it was surreal. Bizarre plinking, futuristic sound effects and warped, brashly coloured screensaver graphics created a kind of portal. Merely suggestions. The Manhattan bridge archway, at Adams and Water streets contained the event and hype grew from a collective lack of information.... Read More

Bushwick Opened Studios

For a teasingly short amount of time, a mere three days, the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, New York City, tore open its low cut v-neck and exposed its vivid nature, the thriving nest of activity that is actually happening behind the deteriorated handleless door flush with the unassuming warehouse space, that in fact holds the most amazing spaces with unbelievable windows. From the corner of Union and Metropolitan, pushing the literal boundaries of the... Read More

“The Scream” Goes for An Audible $120 Million

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, one of the world’s most recognisable images, sold Wednesday for a huge $120 million, breaking the record for the sale of an individual piece of art, previously held by Picasso and his “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust”. The auction was held at Sotheby’s auction house in New York City, and purchased by an anonymous spend thrift. Munch’s “The Scream” is hard not to recognise,... Read More

Pistoletto Continues His Guilt Tripping With Ease, at Luhring Augustine

I look back at myself and further inward; the Luhring Augustine space holds numerous frames that demand a bashful reflection. Pistoletto’s walls are occupied with mirrors, stainless steel, all approximately four by four feet, overlaid with images of construction sites: workers pulling across fences, bulldozers in process, piles of debris with an ironic beach bucket perched merrily on top. Every frame contains space around the silk-screened photo... Read More

Jonas Mekas Fascination at Edwynn Houk Gallery

Jonas Mekas, an irreplaceable corner stone for much of the US film industry today, now recounts the compelling stories of his life and work in his own words at Edwynn Houk, 745 5th AveNew York, NY. It seems odd that a gallery will dedicate itself to allowing one person a moment to talk about their  life.  In a capitalist framework, it is a bizarre notion, but as lives go, Mekas’, for one, is quite remarkable. Born in Lithuania in 1922, Mekas... Read More

Damien Hirst, the Spotty Legacy

Currently, all over the world under the banner of the Gagosian Gallery, Damien Hirst is displaying his legacy of ‘Spot Paintings’. Three in New York, two in London, one in Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Rome, Athens, Paris and Geneva, not forgetting the ‘Spot Shop’ on Madison Avenue, have heads being scratched along with jaws dropping. Although, do we really know why? Why is it that these fairly simple paintings, which do not look incredibly original,... Read More

Keith Haring Retrospective Coming To The Brooklyn Museum

Keith Haring: 1978-1982 is a full-scale exhibition of the legendary artist’s prolific career, coming to the Brooklyn Museum on March 16th and running through July 8th. The exhibit will include 155 works on paper, experimental videos, and over 150 archival objects like sketchbooks, journals, exhibition flyers, posters, subway drawings and documentary photographs. If you are not “old enough” to be jaded by the story of Keith Haring,... Read More

Police Brutality Coloring Book—Not For Kids

Artist Joe Heaps Nelson, with contributions from 46 other illustrators, has compiled the 48-page “Police Brutality Coloring Book.” Heaps Nelson says the coloring book—which, unsurprisingly isn’t very kid-friendly—is a response to the increasing wave of abuse at the hands of police officers. The book sells for $12 and is available here.  Read More

Brooklyn Babylon at The Brooklyn Academy of Music

As part of the 2011 Next Wave Festival, The Brooklyn Academy of Music commissioned the world premiere of Brooklyn Babylon—a tale of future Brooklyn, the tallest tower in the world, and a man’s journey to reconcile the past and the present. The show, the brainchild of grammy-nominated composer Darcy James Argue and painter/animator Danijel Zezelj, incorporates live, big band music, animation and live painting, seamlessly, to create the... Read More

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