Neon Indian Announces New Album Release & Tour

Neon Indian is set to release Era Extraña on September 13th. Era Extraña is their follow-up album to their 2009 debut Psychic Chasms. Neon Indian is a quartet formed in Denton, Texas. They consist of Alan Palomo, Leanne Macomber, Jason Faries and Lars Larsen. Era Extraña was recorded in Helsinki, Finland during which lead singer, Palomo, says the album captivates a sense of infinity,”It’s the closest you can get to feeling like you’re... Read More

Thurston Moore – Demolishing Thoughts [9.0]

(Matador) Thurston Moore is a master songwriter — solo, in collaboration, and of course with Sonic Youth. His brand new album, Demolishing Thoughts, is yet another testament to his immense talent. Moore has the ability to shift-shape — he can rev up his guitar and break into voluminous distortion, or he can glide his fingers over an acoustic and whisper across its subdued sound. Demolishing Thoughts — even more so than his last... Read More

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