Santigold – “Big Mouth” Video, Free Download

Santigold is making her comeback—rocking Brooklyn these past couple nights, and now releasing a new video for the track “Big Mouth,” off her upcoming album Master of My Make-Believe. Seems like she’s still got it. Check out the video below, and you can download the track at her website.  Read More

Kool A.D. (Das Racist) Drops Solo Mixtape “The Palm Wine Drinkard”

Kool A.D., one-third of Das Racist, offers up this solo mixtape, The Palm Wine Drinkard, for all to hear. Generally the most relaxed member of the trio, Kool A.D.’s perpetual-chill is present on the tape, but it’s still in line with everything we’re used to from Das Racist as a whole. Download it here. Photo by Robert Adam Mayer    Read More

Download Raekwon’s New Mixtape “Unexpected Victory”

Raekwon The Chef just released his new mixtape, Unexpected Victory, to kick off hip-hop in 2012. 9th Wonder, Statik Selectah, Busta Rhymes and Mobb Deep all have their hands in this one, among many more. You can grab it right here.    Read More

Download The Weeknd’s “Echoes of Silence” Mixtape

The final mixtape in The Weeknd trilogy, Echoes of Silence, is now available for download. If you’ve heard the other two, there’s not much more to be said. Get it here.  Read More

Freddie Gibbs “Menace II Society (feat. Dom Kennedy & Polyester)” Video

Summer’s long gone, but Freddie Gibbs is still chillin’ and grillin’, as this latest video for “Menace II Society” proves. The track is featured on his recent mixtape, Cold Day In Hell, and the video is straight outta (early ’90s) Compton. Watch below…  Read More

Download Lakutis’ “I’m In The Forest” EP

Ever since Lakutis popped up on Das Racist’s Sit Down, Man, fans of that record have been yearning for more from this “New York dirtbag.” Finally, he’s released his debut EP called I’m In The Forest, and you can download it below. Lakutis – I’m In the Forest EP by MishkaNYC  Read More

Download Knife Party’s Debut EP “100% No Modern Talking”

The long-awaited debut from Knife Party—an offshoot of Pendulum’s Rob Swire and Garreth McGrillen—is here and ready f0r battle. 100% No Modern Talking is four tracks of electro-psychosis, beginning with a satirical lampooning of Facebook. Listen and download below. Knife Party – ’100% No Modern Talking’ EP by Knife Party  Read More

Download Skream’s “Warehouse Project” Set

Skream, known to many as the godfather of dubstep—a title he’s surely trying to shake at this point—is giving away his recent set from an appearance at the Warehouse Project in Manchester, UK. The set was recorded entirely at 130 bpm, and includes zero dubstep tracks, rightfully so. So if you need your own personal dance party this Monday afternoon, listen and download below. You can also see the full tracklisting here. FREE DOWNLOAD:... Read More

Download Javelin’s New Track “By Hook Or By Crook”

Javelin have released a new track via RCRDLBL, which they apparently gathered all their sounds for by walking around Red Hook, Brooklyn, and sampling shit. You can hear and download “By Hook Or By Crook” below.  Read More

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