Top 20 Best of SXSW 2013: Kitty

If she’s not rhyming, Kitty Pryde, or Kitty is doing what most regular teenage girls do ; swooning over her dream guy, who just so happens to be Danny Brown. Why does she make the cut ? Kitty may be young, but she’s worth the listen. Her carefree lyrics are hilarious, yet totally relatable, and the Daytona babe has some notches under her belt too, working with fellow SXSW artist Riff Raff on her track “Orions Belt”... Read More

Reggie Watts at Under The Radar Festival 2013

Like many Americans, if you lay virgin to a Reggie Watts performance there is no surefire way to mentally prepare for the soul stimulating experience. In case you want some background basics however, let us give you some minor tips: 1)     Wear comfortable shoes. 2)     Make sure you slab on a few extra layers of deodorant prior to. 3)     Hold your drink in the hand you write with. (It’s more secure and less prone to accidental spills... Read More

Phony Ppl at Blue Note Jazz Club

The Brooklyn based band is back! (Try saying that three times fast) As a part of The Late Night Groove Series, Phony Ppl will be gracing the stage of the historic Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City’s Greenwich Village this Friday for what they call “a rare set”. This is no ordinary performance. The squad is rumored to summon up some old tunes as well as dish out new material, and in light of front man, DyME-a-DuZin’s... Read More

Express Yourself, Diplo, By All Means

Diplo has continued the moombah-ton sound, but to good response. The first song of the album, the title track Express Yourself, featuring Nicky Da B, gives a sum up for the rest of the album: heavy wild beats, twisting bass and manic synths. The combo is foolproof, although at times, in songs like No Problem featuring Flinch and Kay and Move Around featuring Elephant Man and GTA, the combination of bass, grungy drum effects and whistles can push the... Read More

Pitchfork Music Festival Returns 2012! Lineup announced

From July 15th through the 17th, said to be one of them most welcoming, comfortable, reasonably priced and rewarding weekends of music around, Chicagos Pitchfork Music Festival returns for its seventh year! Held at Chicagos Union Park, the independently run festival stresses a fact of not raising its prices for 2012. Attempting to keep tickets at an affordable level, $45 for a day pass and a limited number of $110 three-day passes, history has displayed... Read More

The Tenacious Rize of D Fenix! Jack Black and Kyle Gass are back.

  Maybe not too many of us can say we were overly concerned by the absence of mock-rock duo Tenacious D, but it feels hard to say that their delayed return is not unwelcome. This May, people young and old enough to buy Parental Advisory labelled CD’s will be able to enjoy the latest release of the comic duo. Their first attempt in six years, Gass and Black have been some what preoccupied with the motion picture industry, Black a little... Read More

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