Sugar, Spice and Everything Wavy: An Interview with Wavy Spice (Written)

The greatest artists are often the most humble despite their “larger than life” persona, and Wavy Spice is no different. Eloquent and approachable, Spice is a woman who harbors great taste in fashion, an extensive knowledge in music and a strong personality. The walk to her apartment was a colorful one, as she spoke freely while admiring the shops along the way. Greeted by Spice’s father, a loving man, eager to show off his... Read More

Jonas Mekas Fascination at Edwynn Houk Gallery

Jonas Mekas, an irreplaceable corner stone for much of the US film industry today, now recounts the compelling stories of his life and work in his own words at Edwynn Houk, 745 5th AveNew York, NY. It seems odd that a gallery will dedicate itself to allowing one person a moment to talk about their  life.  In a capitalist framework, it is a bizarre notion, but as lives go, Mekas’, for one, is quite remarkable. Born in Lithuania in 1922, Mekas... Read More

Reflecting on “Big Poppa” [Live Freestyle Audio provided by DJ Reg West]

Today we remember Christopher Wallace, Biggie Smalls, The Notorious B.I.G., Brooklyn NY, raised and made. Big Poppa was an artist that undoubtedly left his mark on Hip Hop. From the release of his first album “Ready to Die” in 1994, Biggie began his reign as the Notorious B.I.G. and became a front man for the East Coast Hip Hop scene, assisting with rising awareness of New York talent.  After establishing his career Biggie put his friends... Read More

Paul Kasmin Gallery Presents Nir Hod Holocaust Exploration Exhibition

Opening March 28th through the month til the same date of April, Paul Kasmin Gallery, 515 W 27th Street, New York, will be exhibiting the original exhibition from Nir Hod: Mother. These paintings which have never before been seen as a series, reference the iconic photograph from Nazi photographer Franz Konrad, that snapped the famous image of Nazi soldiers clearing a Warsaw ghetto in the midst of the second world war. The photograph reached its iconic... Read More

Sneaker Pimps Tour 2011 Flashback

Friday night was LIVE as the Sneaker Pimps Tour 2011 passed through New York City’s Irving Plaza. BRM was all access, so here’s a flashback on what went down. Performances included A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Stalley, Phil Ade, Jim Jones and Waka Flocka… compliments of photographer Techie! Full slideshow here. Photos by TechieNYC  Read More

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