The Skins @ Brooklyn Museum

We know it’s not the best weather for a concert, but this one is worth the trek. Brooklyn-based rock band, The Skins hit the stage at the Brooklyn Museum today at 5pm. The band, made up out of 13-19 year olds rocked the grounds at last summers Afro-punk, and after just finishing their Paris tour, are back for this once-in-a-lifetime Brooklyn performance. Did we mention it’s free ? Check out the song “Surf” of their debut,... Read More

Gathering of the Vibes Announces 2012 Lineup With Help From Internet Sensation

  For all you jam banders out there, light your next bowl to the thought of this exciting new update – Gathering of the Vibes has announced the lineup for its 2012 festival! I could begin to list out the many names that will color this year’s event, however, I strongly feel that it’ll have more staying power if Giorgio tells you in his own special way. See below.     The festival will take place on July 19th-22nd... Read More

Nick Waterhouse – Time’s All Gone [7.8]

It’s an inherently human quality to feel you were born in the wrong decade; It’s a thought you get when popular music doesn’t seem to give you the chills, clothes don’t fit just right, and culture seems like a meaningless wash. For retro rocker, Nick Waterhouse, this feeling can’t be more relevant. Underneath his characteristic Buddy Holly Wayfarers and treated hair, he looks like any California-raised new millennium-bred... Read More

Glass Ghost, Carter Tanton, and Sharon Van Etten @ Bowery Ballroom

It was a celebration last Sunday at Bowery Ballroom. The beautifully talented, Sharon Van Etten, came out on her birthday to perform for an audience of loving and loyal fans. Although she could have spent the night amongst her own close family and friends, she chose to take the stage, effectively inviting each and every one of us to have a seat at her birthday table. And with the recent release of her highly regarded third album, Tramp, there seemed... Read More

Pomegranates Set To Release “Heaven” on June 5th

On June 5th, Cincinatti-based rockers, Pomegranates, will be releasing their fourth studio album, Heaven, via Modern Outsider Records. Following their critically-acclaimed 201o album One of Us, Heaven offers a continued dosage of reverberated indie-surf and shimmering art pop. Production credits are shared between the band members and Miguel Urbitztondo, an individual whose work can be heard on the cuts of Sparklehorse, Daniel Johnston, Cracker,... Read More

Video of Portugal the Man’s Live Session At The Ace Hotel

Alaskan psychrock band, Portugal the Man, are currently touring in support of their most recent release, In the Mountain In the Cloud, now out on Atlantic. Below is a cool video of their performance at the Ace Hotel courtesy of Baeble music, an organization committed to the creation and distribution of high quality music television. The band performs through three tracks from the album, while  revealing some of creative influences between songs. Check... Read More

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time [7.8]

There is a video of director, David Lynch, giving a lecture on consciousness to a concert hall of engaged listeners, and in an impassioned manner, he explains his discovery that a limited consciousness undoubtedly leads to an inhibited perception of the world and the mind. By expanding the consciousness, a greater perspective can be achieved and happiness can be fully realized. In his November 2011 release, Crazy Clown Time, the cult-director seems... Read More

Dub Trio – IV [8.0]

  Brooklyn-based instrumental masterminds, Dub Trio, have dropped their fourth album, IV, a nine-track release loaded with chunky drop-tuned guitar riffs, experimental noise, and tasteful effect work. In their previous cuts, heavy metal began its steady ascent as their creative focal point, and IV undoubtedly marks its centerfold appearance. However, their roots in the bass-centric, echoing, “King Tubby-isms” of dub unfailingly exist in... Read More

Heartless Bastards Sign To Partisan Records And Prepare To Release New Album

Brooklyn-based Partisan Records have recently signed Austin rockers, Heartless Bastards, whose fourth album, Arrow, is set to drop on February 14th. Produced by Spoon drummer, Jim Eno, in his home studio, the album is said to be the Heartless Bastards’ most eclectic and energetic collection to date. Following 2009′s acclaimed release, The Mountain,  Arrow serve as a highly-spirited change-of-pace to the band’s previous introspectiveness.... Read More

Video for Mister Heavenly’s “Bronx Sniper”

Indie Rock supergroup, Mister Heavenly, have released a video for “Bronx Sniper,” the first track on their debut album, Out of Love, released in August. Comprised of members from Man Man, Islands, and Modest Mouse, Mister Heavenly will be performing a number of American and European tour dates to close out 2011. Check out the listing below. But for now, enjoy a flurry of destruction and debauchery in Corey Adams‘ video for “Bronx... Read More

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