Crossing Brooklyn Ferry @ BAM

If the words Crossing Brooklyn Ferry were thrown into a friendly conversation, many would think of the timeless Whitman poem that illuminated a common human condition through the guise of a ferry trip. But Aaron and Bryce Dessner’s recent collaboration with the Brooklyn Academy of Music in a three-night independent music festival has birthed a fresh new meaning for that three-word title, this time bringing to mind a communal music experience within... Read More

The National @ The Beacon Theatre

Somewhere between the release of 2007′s Boxer and 2010′s High Violet, The National joined The Arcade Fire and Wilco in a newly-established class of bands that had clawed to the top of a crowded indie rock scene, only to shed the very label they had conquered, or at least stir discussions about what, if anything, that label really means anymore. After all, there’s nothing particularly “indie” about debuting at number three... Read More

The National Play Two New Songs

Yesterday, The National were special live musical guests on the Torono-based show Q LIVE and performed two new songs. The brand new, unreleased songs are titled “Rylan” and “I Need My Girl”. Stream them at CBCradio here.  Read More

Brassland Celebrates 10th Anniversary With A Month-Long Song-A-Day Giveaway

Independent record label, Brassland, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by posting a free song every weekday for the month of November. Co-run by the National‘s Aaron and Bryce Dessner and Clogs member Alec Hanley Bemis, Brassland will feature music by a number of artists, including work by the Dessners, Nico Muhly, and Doveman. The posts will begin tomorrow with a demo of The National’s “High Beams,” and will be offered... Read More

The Flaming Lips Release 6 Hour Song In Form of a Toy

Exploratory rock group, The Flaming Lips, have recently recorded a song that will undoubtedly test the limits of modern musical arrangement. Measuring in at 36o minutes (that’s six hours for those who haven’t opened a math book since high school), “Found a Star On the Ground” will march itself up to the door of Guinness World Records and demand the title for “longest musical recording to take acid to.” Although... Read More

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