Top 20 Best of SXSW 2013: Kitty

Fader Fort Presented By Converse - Day 3

If she’s not rhyming, Kitty Pryde, or Kitty is doing what most regular teenage girls do ; swooning over her dream guy, who just so happens to be Danny Brown.

Why does she make the cut ?

Kitty may be young, but she’s worth the listen. Her carefree lyrics are hilarious, yet totally relatable, and the Daytona babe has some notches under her belt too, working with fellow SXSW artist Riff Raff on her track “Orions Belt” off  ”Haha, I’m Sorry released in June 2012. With 4 highly praised  EPs and 2 mixtapes Kitty might just become your favorite girl rapper over night.

Check out her latest video below.

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